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Oak Creek Fitness is Oak Creek's only Upscale Adult Fitness Club. Our individualized Personal Training programs have helped area residents lose over 6 tons of fat. We are the "big club" solution. We provide a smaller, more comfortable, intimate, and very fun atmosphere. We have a Professionally Certified Staff and a focus on Results for you. Our mission is to bring the community the best in the industry. We want to get you out of the “commercial” gym and into a more exclusive facility where we can get to know you. We want to see you be happy working out and enjoying yourself, while not fighting to get on a piece of equipment. Join the Club and start changing today!

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2-4 sessions per week with your trainer
Weekly workouts designed by your trainer for you to get done on your own time in addition to your training days to complete the weekly workout cycle
A fully customized nutritional plan and personalized mobile app to track your nutrition and help keep you accountable when you are not at the gym
Pre, during, and post program evaluations to assess body composition and track results to keep both of us accountable
Free locker and no additional membership fee
Constant and ongoing support from your trainer
$ 841 / 4 Weeks

Kaitlyn in 5 Months:

-27 lbs body fat

-7 points visceral fat

-15% Body Fat

1 full push up on day 1 to 12 NOW!

Oak Creek Fitness Kaitlyn H.

Kaitlyn H.

Matt in 2 months:

-32 pounds body fat

-6 points visceral fat

-12% body fat


Oak Creek Fitness Matt L

Matt L

In 8 months:

-35 pounds of Body Fat

+ 2 pounds of Muscle

-9 % Body Fat

Oak Creek Fitness Marcia


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