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  • Personal Training in Oak Creek - Oak Creek Fitness - Get Ready for WI USAPL State Open!

    Get Ready for WI USAPL State Open!

    Hello Everyone, We love to focus on fat loss, injury prevention and improving overall health here at Oak Creek Fitness! One other thing we focus on here is Strength. We have many clients and members that like to lift heavy and see how much they can challenge themselves. One event that we have coming up is the USA Powerlifting WI State Open & Masters Championships on Jan uary 20th 2018 atWilliam Horlick High School, 2119 Rapids Dr, Racine, Wisconsin 53404. OCF will have about 5 athletes competing so far. Tim will lead the team to great numbers and be coaching everyone from about 8 am - 7 pm. Stop on down to cheer everyone on for this awesome event! OCF ....

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  • Personal Training in Oak Creek - Oak Creek Fitness - Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

    Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

    We are bringing the best to Oak Creek Fitness! Now is the time you get your body fat, muscle and water measured on the most accurate bio-electrical impedance device on the market! We have brought the InBody to our facility to give our clients and patients the best in the business! What is one way for you to stay accountable? Measuring your body fat consistently. Sign up to get your body fat measured and accurately measure your progress. The scale only reflects how much gr avity is pulling down on everything in/on your body. Gravity does not know if the weight is fat, water or muscle. With the InBody, it sends different frequencies through your body to target different areas. The InBody ....

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  • 6 Snack Hacks for Weight-Loss Success

    We’re a society of snackers, using quick grab-and-go bites to get us through long, hectic days. For example, 1 in 6 adults gets more than 40% of their daily calories from snacks alone. Serving as meal replacements and filling the gaps in our days when there isn’t enough time to cook, snacks help curb appetite, boost energy and possibly control weight by sustaining our metabolism throughout the day. If done right, a healthy snack or two can prevent you from overeating during your next meal. However, we often snack to satisfy a craving, like those for sugar, salt or chocolate . But with the right approach, you can use snacks as a tool to achieve your weight-loss goals. Try ....

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  • Pure Fitness Open Results

    Oak Creek Fitness had 3 clients compete this past weekend at the USAPL Pure Fitness Open in Mequon. All of them did great and they pushed their bodies to the fullest. Here is a recap of their totals. Sara S.
    Squat 231.5 lbs Bench Press 126.8 lbs Deadlift 253.5 lbs Chrystal C.
    Squat 231.5 lbs Bench Press 143.3 lbs Deadlift 303 lbs Todd P.
    Squat 253.5 lbs Bench Press 192.9 lbs Deadlift 336.2 lbs Click HERE to watch their lifts. If interested in getting into the sport, feel free to message us on our FACEBOOK page, call (414)764-5464, or email Tim at ....

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  • Increasing Activity

    Do you have a sedentary job? Is your activity limited by the amount of sitting you do during your day? Do you wish you burned more calories during your day? The things is, we can change daily habits to increase the amount of calories we burn during the day. Here are some of the things that we can do to make our bodies a fat burning machine:
    Park in the back of the parking lot and walk a longer distance into work
    Ride, walk, or run to work
    Eat more lean protein food (higher thermogenic effects)
    Do 10 air squats for every 15 minutes sitting at work
    Do arm swings and core bracing while sitting at work
    Do planks and sit-ups during commercial breaks
    Take your dog for longer walks
    Eat more ....

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  • Resistance Training

    Want to keep weight off, look good, and feel strong? ?? Then start doing resistance training now! The benefits of resistance training exceed the benefits of just cardio when done safely and properly. ? Some of these benefits include ? : ?? Increased lean muscle mass ?? Improved strength ?? Increased metabolism ?? Dense tissue ?? Increased bone density ?? Increased performance ?? Easier everyday tasks ?? Improved posture ?? Pain management ?? Reduced risk of injuries These are only a few of the great benefits to resistance training. For further information or guidance, stop on over to to gather more information or stop on in ....

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  • Diets

    +Fun Fact of the Day+ : Any diet can work to lose weight. The two components that must be met are that you must be in a calorie deficit and that you are consistent. If those two rules are followed, you will succeed. Yes, so this means you could just eat ice cream all day everyday as long as you are burning more calories than you are consuming. This does not mean your blood work will improve or performance will be better. A great deal of muscle will also be lost because the lack of protein.* If you are curious about this more. Please stop in to schedule a consult with Tim. *We do not suggest eating just ice cream to lose weight. A balanced ....

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  • Personal Training in Oak Creek - Oak Creek Fitness - Spring Startup

    Spring Startup

    ** Oak Creek Fitness ------------------------------------------------------------ Where the dedicated flourish! Are you making the most out of your spring? Join Now Many people, this time of year, take their activities outside and abandon the gym. What most people do not realize, is that most of these activities involve excess calories and alcohol. Getting started on a fitness journey this time of year is great, because the dedicated people are the ones left in the gym looking to improve themselves. Stop in and talk with us about how our premium personal training program can change your life for the rest of your future. ** Custom Workout Program ....

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  • Free Week of Training

    ** Only 2 Days Left! ------------------------------------------------------------ Our clients here at Oak Creek Fitness have been doing a great job this month! They are putting in the hard work to reach their goals. To show our appreciation, we are giving our new clients a free week of personal training (2 to 4 sessions) with the purchase of any four month package or more. To take advantage of this great opportunity, please contact us and schedule a consult by the end of April 15th, 2017. Consult must be done by the end of April. Please contact Tim at for more information. ....

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  • Clients Hard Work

    How hard are you working? Are you eating the necessary nutrients to reach your fitness goals? Are you pushing yourself in the gym to get the results you want? Here at Oak Creek Fitness, we put in the hard work in the gym and outside the gym to get the desired results. The three links below demonstrate the hard work the clients are putting in here at OCF. Meghann and Kevin have lost over 70 pounds combined between the two and are making great strength gains! Todd is keeping his body strong and healthy at 50+ years young. Take a peek at how our clients are pushing themselves lately: Meghann
    Do not be afraid to stop in and talk with us on how you can lose the ....

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