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When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain, most people have great intentions.  They hit the gym 4-5 days per week, sweating like crazy.  Pushing themselves on all of their sets and making sure the elliptical says they burned 500 calories when they are done.  They do this every day they are in the gym.  One week, two weeks, three weeks go by an they see no change.  They are thinking to themselves, "why aren't I losing any weight?  I am doing all of this work and not seeing any results.  How many of you fall into this category?   It happens more often than not.

So where are people messing up?  It comes down to nutrition.  Most of these people that are not seeing the results they are looking for, do not track their food intake very close.  They may be getting a "healthy" shake after their workout; a shake that is pry doing more harm than good since it is 600 calories.  The deep fried chicken they are getting from KFC is loaded with extra carbs and fat that they were not expecting.  "But it's protein," I hear from them.  Yes, but it is also more calories from fat and carbs that are not helping your goals.

"How can I eat for my goals?"  Track everything you put into your body for 3-4 weeks.  Weigh out food, measure servings, take the guess work out of it and get objective numbers, so you know you are not over eating.  You cannot manage what you are not tracking.  The closer you pay attention to these numbers, the easier it is to get the body you want.  Most of the clients that are doing well here at OCF, are the ones that are tracking their food very close.  They are measuring food, weighing their lean meats, getting 8+ hours of sleep, and pushing themselves with their workouts.  You cannot expect results if you are not putting the work in overall during your day.  Accurate nutrition intake needs to be number one priority, sleep and workout intensity need to follow.  If you follow these, you are on the right path to success.

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