Fade the FAD

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Fade the FAD


You have heard of them all: Keto, South Beach, Whole 30, Vegan, Master Cleanse, Zone, Weight Watchers, etc....

How many times have you started a weight loss journey?  How many times have you reached your goal? How many times have you started another one?

The main reason people fail at getting weight off and keeping it off is because their process is not sustainable.  They can get some water weight and glycogen off quick, but not the fat.  People view weight loss as a quick fix and not a life long process of changing their eating and exercise habits.  You must change your everyday habits to reach your goals and keep your goals.  I have always been a believer in "your body is a reflection of what you feed it and how you exercise daily." If you are properly exercising and feeding the body nutrients, your body will reflect it. 

I have had countless clients go on a FAD diet (not my choice) and wonder why they are not changing or can't keep the changes.  Once they realize what I am trying to teach them with nutrition, then they see the results and follow the program. All FAD diets are trying to get you into a calorie deficit.  Some do it better than others. Some teach you how to properly eat too, but that may not fit your life style.  You have to find how to eat in a way that fits your life style and that you can sustain. This is different for everyone.  I will say from my decade of being a personal trainer and self experimentation, the people who eat almost the same thing every day and adjust amounts tend to have better results. Why? Because it is sustainable and fits their everyday life. They do not have to overthink what they are eating.  It's one less variable they need to think about in our busy daily lives.  

If you are wanting to learn how to properly eat and exercise for you goals, feel free to contact us about personal training at Oak Creek Fitness.

Have a great week,

Tim Wermeling

OCF Fitness Director/Head Trainer

Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science

ACE Certified

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