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With the holiday season approaching and more people starting to get into the gym, we just want to highlight some rules and proper gym etiquette.  There are going to be more people in the gym, so we want to make sure everyone is happy and getting done what they need to safely and in a timely manner. Here are some things to keep in mind while working out at OCF:

  • Bring a change of shoes in. Snow/rain/salt are going to make things a mess, so please change your shoes to keep the gym floor clean.
  • Wipe down your equipment when done and even before if you would like.  There is a lot of sickness going around, so we want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. 
  • Please do not sit on machines for too long.  Other people would like to use the stuff too.
  • DO NOT SUPERSET ACROSS THE GYM!  We have 0 issues if you are doing 2 exercises right next to each other. Do not jump from doing something by the DB Rack and then in the squat rack.  Do just one or the other, or bring the DB's by the rack and get your stuff done right there. DO NOT JUMP ACROSS STUFF IN THE GYM.
  • If you see someone looking like they need help, ask if they would like some assistance.  It cost $0 to be kind and lend a helping hand.
  • With helping out, feel free to reach out to Tim (our personal trainer) if you need anything. He is more than happy to help. If he is with a client, please respect that clients time though.  If he is free he is more than willing to help.
  • Let people work in with you on  a piece of equipment.  If you are going to be on something for some time and someone else looks like they want to use the equipment, let them know they can work in.  This keeps the gym friendly and everyone happy. 
  • Please keep your coats or any extra clothes on the coat rack or in a locker.  The gym floor is not meant for jackets.  We want to reduce the clutter as much as possible.  If you have a gym bag, keep it out of traffic on the gym floor. This is not your bedroom.
  • Have fun and reach out if you ever need anything!

~Oak Creek Fitness Staff

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