Consistency is Key

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Consistency is Key

A lot of people workout and wonder why they do not see progress.  This could be progress for aesthetics, strength, timed runs, feeling better, etc. While you may feel like you are doing everything you can exercising, there may be a lot of things you are overlooking.

Want to make progress?  Here is the number one trick to succeeding....CONSISTENTELY taking the steps to get you to your goal.  

What do I mean by this?   It means:

  • Eating the foods you should be and the correct amounts every meal.  
  • Getting the proper amount of sleep.
  • Drinking adequate amount of water.
  • Getting your workouts done every week.
  • Pushing yourself enough with your training sessions.
  • Doing this over an over without "falling off the wagon"

I will give an example for someone trying to lose weight (we will call this person Onix):

Onix is trying to lose fat. He works out 4 times per week, preps majority of his food for the week, does 15 minute brisk walks 3 times per week.  He thinks he is doing everything he needs to, but is not seeing the results. Lets find out where Onix is going wrong..

Onix's maintenance calories are 2,100.  So if he ate that every day with the same workouts every week, he should maintain his weight.  While working with Onix, we find out that he does not track is calories accurately.  He guesses on what he is putting in Myfitnesspal.   What he thinks is 4 oz of chicken is actually 8 oz. His 150 grams of rice is actually 300 grams of rice.  We find out he also has an Iced Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte every workday (270 calories each). Onix also likes to go and have 5 beers on Friday night with his buddies (100 calories each) and some bar food that we will say 500 calories that he does not account for.   So if we add in these missed calories throughout the week, that is an additional 2,670 calories he has missed in his recording.  So if he is in a 200 calorie deficit each day throughout the week (-1,400 calories), he is actually over with the missed calories he did not account for (2,670-1,400= +1270 surplus) This is one reason Onix is not losing the weight he wants, because he is not eating in a deficit.  

You can go through your day and find so many things that is stopping you from reaching your goals.  The more you change those small things, the more you will see your body change and get the results you want.  If you need help reaching your goals, please reach out to Tim at Oak Creek Fitness where he has helped clients lose thousands of pounds.  When you follow the plan, you get the results!

~Team OCF

Tim Wermeling
Head Trainer/Fitness Director
B.S. Sports and Exercise Science
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
(414)764-5464 (gym)


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