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With all of the information there is out on the internet these days, where can we look to get the information we NEED and avoid the information we DON'T NEED? Well, we basically have two options.

Option 1)

Enroll yourself in a kinesiology program at a strong, well known university and spend upwards of $50,000 (often much much more) and earn a bachelor's or better in exercise science. Problem is, this is going to take you years and years and more money than I am sure you would like to spend.

Option 2)

Pay someone who has the previously mentioned credentials as well as a strong PT certification and background in nutrition to do all of the thinking for you. Not to mention save you stress, thousands of hours studying, and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on tuition and books and I know we all like the sounds of that!

Now, does this mean that you are going to have to spend SOME money? Yes. But I can tell you right now you are going to spend a heck of alot less than Tim and myself did and there is just more to this stuff than downloading an exercise template off of the internet and going to the gym. Besides that is a dead end street to begin with because things will be done wrong and result in damage to the joints among other things. Tim and I have spent years upon years studying and applying what we have studied every day. This is our passion and we take it very seriously and have seen countless people change and often times, save their lives.  And that right there is reason enough to justify spending money on a Personal Training Program. This is not like blowing money at the casino, or on an expensive night out, or a vacation, or a new car. This is your life and this is your health. This is something that you will NEVER regret as long as you live. This is money well spent, every time!!!

Ryan Norton

Head Personal Trainer 

Oak Creek Fitness

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