Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

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Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

We are bringing the best to Oak Creek Fitness!

Now is the time you get your body fat, muscle and water measured on the most accurate bio-electrical impedance device on the market! We have brought the InBody to our facility to give our clients and patients the best in the business!

What is one way for you to stay accountable? Measuring your body fat consistently. Sign up to get your body fat measured and accurately measure your progress. The scale only reflects how much gravity is pulling down on everything in/on your body. Gravity does not know if the weight is fat, water or muscle. With the InBody, it sends different frequencies through your body to target different areas. The InBody also sends frequencies through all FOUR limbs. Most devices just do one side, just the feet or just the hands. Ours does all of them!

So what does the InBody measure?
Intracellular Water
Extracellular Water
Dry Lean Mass
Body Fat Mass
Skeletal Muscle Mass
Body Fat Percentage
Body Mass Index
Muscle Mass in each Limb
Fat Mass in each Limb
Visceral Fat
Basal Metabolic Rate
and it saves all readings in the device so we can measure it over time.

If this sounds like something you could use to make better progress, stop in and schedule your sessions with Tim. You can also message us on here or visit us at to request more information.

This test is included with any Personal Training package and Ideal Protein weight loss packages.

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