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"I signed up for strength training with Tim because I am a musician and schlepping equipment around for the band was wearing me out. To give you an idea as to what I had to contend with, the combined weight of my keyboard and case is about 110 pounds, about 15 pounds less than my average body weight. Add to the scenario challenges faced at venues such as weddings taking place in historic churches exempt from accessibility rules like elevators and ramps, or outdoor venues with terraced landscaping, and you've got a recipe for exhaustion before the music begins!

I started working out with Tim, explained my needs, and he came up with a plan that would best suit me. I neither gained nor lost weight, but diagnostics proved that my body did indeed increase muscle mass. By following his program, I was able to increase the amount of weight I could lift while also noticeably increasing my endurance.

Half-way through my program with Tim, my life changed dramatically and I was required to move to Texas to care for an ailing family member. Not wanting to forgo my strength training program with Tim, he arranged his schedule to accommodate my shortened time in Wisconsin and he fast-tracked my program while maintaining safe guidelines to ensure injury-free training.

What’s more challenging than hauling a 110 lb keyboard around once a week? Lifting and caring for a 140 pound, mentally-ill, bed-bound family member on hospice. Because of techniques I learned from Tim regarding body mechanics, I was able to lift smarter, not harder. The strength training I received from Tim gave me a boost in endurance which was absolutely necessary for the months I cared for my aunt.

In addition, the mental challenge and attitude necessary while working out in the gym transferred over to the situation of being a full-time caregiver. In other words, attitude is a type of muscle and I had the opportunity to exercise my attitude while working out in the gym. The physical and mental challenge of working out was excellent training for the real-life application of needing a can-do attitude in a physically and emotionally demanding caregiving situation.

I liked how Tim listened to my needs to get stronger quickly and then taught me exercises that I could do at home. He paid attention to my technique and offered immediate correction when I needed it. His expertise allowed him to see when I needed to be challenged with additional weight and he also knew when to tell me to stop. He would let me know ahead of a new exercise where and how I might feel discomfort (i.e. feeling sore post workout). He was professional, on-time, respectful, and knowledgeable.

Thanks, Tim! It was great having you as my strength building coach." K Foster

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