Jamie Schneider Personal Training Instructor

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Personal Training near Oak Creek

Jamie Schneider

Jamie Schneider is a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach
(Integrative Nutrition) and a Chiropractic Technician. He believes in a holistic
approach to both health and fitness, focusing on an individual's needs, ability,
diet, lifestyle, and goals while providing motivation, knowledge and accountability.
This approach not only changes the body but the mind as well, making health
and fitness a long lasting lifestyle.
Jamie left a career in marketing and management to pursue his dreams of helping
others like he was once helped in changing his life. His focus is on programs that are
client driven and believes it is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle. He follows
a dietary philosophy of eating fresh and crowding out the unhealthy foods and replacing
them with healthy alternatives. He works with his clients developing strategies that work
for them, but also adapts his approach as the client progresses. As a health coach,
Jamie understands that life is about progress not perfection and fitness and nutrition
are only part of the bigger picture when it comes to health and happiness. Taking a
holistic approach and exploring all aspects of one’s well being will lead to a healthier
and happier you!

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