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  • Consistency is Key

    Consistency is Key

    A lot of people workout and wonder why they do not see progress. This could be progress for aesthetics, strength, timed runs, feeling better, etc. While you may feel like you are doing everything you can exercising, there may be a lot of things you are overlooking. Want to make progress? Here is the number one trick to succeeding.... CONSISTENTELY taking the steps to get you to your goal. What do I mean by this? It means: Eating the foods you should be and the correct amounts every meal. Getting the proper amount of sleep. Drinking adequate amount of water. Getting your workouts done every week. Pushing yourself enough with your training sessions. Doing this over an over without ....

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  • A Powerful Mind Leads to Powerful Results

    A Powerful Mind Leads to Powerful Results

    The majority of people who join a gym are looking for one of the following: Improved health Look better Feel better Obviously there are other reasons too, but these tend to be the most common. Everyone want the results to come quick and easy, but it does not happen that way. It takes time and consistency. Results do not happen over night. The body is complex and it takes time for your body to adjust. When it comes to weight loss, the body needs to get into a caloric deficit. You need to burn more calories than you actually consume, not what you are guessing and putting in an app. You need to correctly measure foods to get the most accurate guess. This sounds easy to do. There is one ....

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  • Beginner Guide to Protein

    Beginner Guide to Protein

    Proteins are the building blocks to a lot of objects in your body. Here is a small list of things made of protein in your body: Neurotransmitters in your brain Muscles (muscle burns more calories than fat) Antibodies (Protect the body from viruses and bacteria) Keratin is a protein that helps out with your hair, skin and nails Hemoglobin (blood protein that carries oxygen) Proteins make up a large portion of hormones in the body Enzymes are made of proteins (catalyst for chemical reactions in the body) Collagen and elastin are proteins that make up bones, tendons and ligaments As we age, we need more protein to prevent muscle loss. If we workout or are very active, we need more protein ....

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  • Add Nutrition, Don't Subtract it.

    Add Nutrition, Don't Subtract it.

    It is that time of year again... New Years Resolutions! Obviously this time of year, a lot of people start out trying to accomplish new goals or ones they keep putting off. Weight loss is one of the most common goals this time of year. Majority of people join or go back to the gym and start taking "bad" foods out of their diets. What would you think if we told you to not take anything out of your diet, but add to it? Yes, eat more! So many people just start slashing kcal while adding in more activity. This is pry a bit backwards of what you should be doing. Add in the activity first, and slowly start to add in more non-starchy vegetables and whole fruits. You are putting more stress ....

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  • Gym Etiquette

    With the holiday season approaching and more people starting to get into the gym, we just want to highlight some rules and proper gym etiquette. There are going to be more people in the gym, so we want to make sure everyone is happy and getting done what they need to safely and in a timely manner. Here are some things to keep in mind while working out at OCF: Bring a change of shoes in. Snow/rain/salt are going to make things a mess, so please change your shoes to keep the gym floor clean. Wipe down your equipment when done and even before if you would like. There is a lot of sickness going around, so we want to make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. Please do not sit on ....

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  • Fade the FAD

    Fade the FAD

    FAD DIETS DO NOT WORK! You have heard of them all: Keto, South Beach, Whole 30, Vegan, Master Cleanse, Zone, Weight Watchers, etc.... How many times have you started a weight loss journey? How many times have you reached your goal? How many times have you started another one? The main reason people fail at getting weight off and keeping it off is because their process is not sustainable. They can get some water weight and glycogen off quick, but not the fat. People view weight loss as a quick fix and not a life long process of changing their eating and exercise habits. You must change your everyday habits to reach your goals and keep your goals. I have always been a believer in ....

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  • Nutrient Density vs Calorie Dense

    Nutrient Density vs Calorie Dense

    Losing weight does not need to be complicated. You do not have to come to the point of feeling starved all the time. Yes, you want to be in a calorie deficit, but you do not need to feel that rumble in your tummy all the time. You can fill up on nutrient dense food and be satiated. You may ask, "Nutrient dense foods?" Yes, the foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, and not loaded with calories. These foods should make you feel satisfied and full, but won't load you down with all the excess calories. Calorie dense foods may give you satisfaction right away, but they often lead to you feeling hungry again shortly after eating them. We all know what happens when we eat too many ....

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  • IPL Drug Tested North American Championships (Powerlifting)

    IPL Drug Tested North American Championships (Powerlifting)

    There is something big happening with some members of Oak Creek Fitness... In 2 weeks, we have 2 members competing in St. Louis, Missouri at the 2022 IPL Drug Tested North American Championships. Todd Pfander and Kevin Kelley will be competing on Sunday November 6th at 9:00 am. This will be both of their biggest meets to date. They both have been working their butts off to better themselves from their last meet in May. Over 5 months under the bar, feeding their body proper nutrients, and getting the sleep they need to recover. Todd has been competing in sanctioned powerlifting meets since 2017. Prior to these, he has done the Senior Olympics and WI State Fair. Todd's best lifts are a ....

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  • What You Need To Know To Start Working Out After 50

    What You Need To Know To Start Working Out After 50

    If you're new to exercise, or coming back to it after many years of a layoff, it is very challenging. You don't have the same sense of fearlessness that you had in the past. You may lack confidence for many reasons. If you are over 50-years-old and starting out , the challenge can seem overwhelming. The truth is that we have an aging population , more awareness of the benefits of exercise, and a sense of urgency about reducing the cost of healthcare as we age and expenses go up. Unfortunately, the fitness industry is still dominated by the image of youth and muscularity, often neglecting older trainees . Most of this neglect is probably best attributed to the fact that it's only ....

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  • Kevin K 4-27-2019 PF #2 Meet

    Kevin K 4-27-2019 PF #2 Meet

    What a day for Kevin! We are proud of what he did this meet. Kevin has dropped over 23 lbs of body fat and gained over 2 lbs of muscle leading into this meet. He dropped a weight class and has not felt this good in quite some time. Here are his stats from the meet this weekend: Squat 1: 363 ✔️ 2: 386 ✔️ 3: 397 ❌ Bench 1: 320 ✔️ 2: 330 ❌ 3: 330 ✔️ Deadlift 1: 441 ✔️ 2: 469 ✔️ 3: 480 ✔️ We are proud of you Kevin! Keep up the fantastic work. You never gave up this meet and showed us all what hard work does! Thanks for being such an awesome member of OCF! ....

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  • Client Review

    "I signed up for strength training with Tim because I am a musician and schlepping equipment around for the band was wearing me out. To give you an idea as to what I had to contend with, the combined weight of my keyboard and case is about 110 pounds, about 15 pounds less than my average body weight. Add to the scenario challenges faced at venues such as weddings taking place in historic churches exempt from accessibility rules like elevators and ramps, or outdoor venues with terraced landscaping, and you've got a recipe for exhaustion before the music begins! I started working out with Tim, explained my needs, and he came up with a plan that would best suit me. I neither gained nor ....

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  • Pure Fitness Open #4 - Sara's Meet

    Pure Fitness Open #4 - Sara's Meet

    Sara's Meet August 25, 2018 Sara competed in the Pure Fitness Open this past Saturday. She had a stellar day and continues to impress. Her lifts are below: Squat 297.6 lbs Bench Press 143.3 lbs Deadlift 303.1 lbs Total 744.1 lbs In September 2017 her numbers were Squat 231.5 lbs Bench 126.8 lbs Deadlift 253.5 lbs Total 611.8 She added over 130 lbs to her Total in less than a year. She is destroying everything Tim throws at her. If you want to get strong like Sara, send us a message or call us! Have a great day, ....

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  • Eat For Your Goals

    Eat For Your Goals

    Eat For the Body You Want
    When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain, most people have great intentions. They hit the gym 4-5 days per week, sweating like crazy. Pushing themselves on all of their sets and making sure the elliptical says they burned 500 calories when they are done. They do this every day they are in the gym. One week, two weeks, three weeks go by an they see no change. They are thinking to themselves, "why aren't I losing any weight? I am doing all of this work and not seeing any results. How many of you fall into this category? It happens more often than not. So where are people messing up? It comes down to nutrition. Most of these people that are not seeing the ....

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  • Student Summer Membership

    Student Summer Membership

    Active High School and College Students can sign up for a membership that is active from NOW until Labor Day 2018 for $60. ....

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  • Amazing Results!!!

    Check out some of the great results our clients are getting!
    Join them and get the premium
    results you want! Take me to the reviews! ....

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  • Get Ready for WI USAPL State Open!

    Get Ready for WI USAPL State Open!

    Hello Everyone, We love to focus on fat loss, injury prevention and improving overall health here at Oak Creek Fitness! One other thing we focus on here is Strength. We have many clients and members that like to lift heavy and see how much they can challenge themselves. One event that we have coming up is the USA Powerlifting WI State Open & Masters Championships on Jan uary 20th 2018 atWilliam Horlick High School, 2119 Rapids Dr, Racine, Wisconsin 53404. OCF will have about 5 athletes competing so far. Tim will lead the team to great numbers and be coaching everyone from about 8 am - 7 pm. Stop on down to cheer everyone on for this awesome event! OCF ....

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  • Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

    Most Accurate Bio-electrical Impedance Device on the Market!

    We are bringing the best to Oak Creek Fitness! Now is the time you get your body fat, muscle and water measured on the most accurate bio-electrical impedance device on the market! We have brought the InBody to our facility to give our clients and patients the best in the business! What is one way for you to stay accountable? Measuring your body fat consistently. Sign up to get your body fat measured and accurately measure your progress. The scale only reflects how much gr avity is pulling down on everything in/on your body. Gravity does not know if the weight is fat, water or muscle. With the InBody, it sends different frequencies through your body to target different areas. The InBody ....

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  • 6 Snack Hacks for Weight-Loss Success

    We’re a society of snackers, using quick grab-and-go bites to get us through long, hectic days. For example, 1 in 6 adults gets more than 40% of their daily calories from snacks alone. Serving as meal replacements and filling the gaps in our days when there isn’t enough time to cook, snacks help curb appetite, boost energy and possibly control weight by sustaining our metabolism throughout the day. If done right, a healthy snack or two can prevent you from overeating during your next meal. However, we often snack to satisfy a craving, like those for sugar, salt or chocolate . But with the right approach, you can use snacks as a tool to achieve your weight-loss goals. Try ....

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  • Pure Fitness Open Results

    Oak Creek Fitness had 3 clients compete this past weekend at the USAPL Pure Fitness Open in Mequon. All of them did great and they pushed their bodies to the fullest. Here is a recap of their totals. Sara S.
    Squat 231.5 lbs Bench Press 126.8 lbs Deadlift 253.5 lbs Chrystal C.
    Squat 231.5 lbs Bench Press 143.3 lbs Deadlift 303 lbs Todd P.
    Squat 253.5 lbs Bench Press 192.9 lbs Deadlift 336.2 lbs Click HERE to watch their lifts. If interested in getting into the sport, feel free to message us on our FACEBOOK page, call (414)764-5464, or email Tim at ....

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  • Increasing Activity

    Do you have a sedentary job? Is your activity limited by the amount of sitting you do during your day? Do you wish you burned more calories during your day? The things is, we can change daily habits to increase the amount of calories we burn during the day. Here are some of the things that we can do to make our bodies a fat burning machine:
    Park in the back of the parking lot and walk a longer distance into work
    Ride, walk, or run to work
    Eat more lean protein food (higher thermogenic effects)
    Do 10 air squats for every 15 minutes sitting at work
    Do arm swings and core bracing while sitting at work
    Do planks and sit-ups during commercial breaks
    Take your dog for longer walks
    Eat more ....

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  • Resistance Training

    Want to keep weight off, look good, and feel strong? ?? Then start doing resistance training now! The benefits of resistance training exceed the benefits of just cardio when done safely and properly. ? Some of these benefits include ? : ?? Increased lean muscle mass ?? Improved strength ?? Increased metabolism ?? Dense tissue ?? Increased bone density ?? Increased performance ?? Easier everyday tasks ?? Improved posture ?? Pain management ?? Reduced risk of injuries These are only a few of the great benefits to resistance training. For further information or guidance, stop on over to to gather more information or stop on in ....

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  • Diets

    +Fun Fact of the Day+ : Any diet can work to lose weight. The two components that must be met are that you must be in a calorie deficit and that you are consistent. If those two rules are followed, you will succeed. Yes, so this means you could just eat ice cream all day everyday as long as you are burning more calories than you are consuming. This does not mean your blood work will improve or performance will be better. A great deal of muscle will also be lost because the lack of protein.* If you are curious about this more. Please stop in to schedule a consult with Tim. *We do not suggest eating just ice cream to lose weight. A balanced ....

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  • Spring Startup

    Spring Startup

    ** Oak Creek Fitness ------------------------------------------------------------ Where the dedicated flourish! Are you making the most out of your spring? Join Now Many people, this time of year, take their activities outside and abandon the gym. What most people do not realize, is that most of these activities involve excess calories and alcohol. Getting started on a fitness journey this time of year is great, because the dedicated people are the ones left in the gym looking to improve themselves. Stop in and talk with us about how our premium personal training program can change your life for the rest of your future. ** Custom Workout Program ....

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  • Free Week of Training

    ** Only 2 Days Left! ------------------------------------------------------------ Our clients here at Oak Creek Fitness have been doing a great job this month! They are putting in the hard work to reach their goals. To show our appreciation, we are giving our new clients a free week of personal training (2 to 4 sessions) with the purchase of any four month package or more. To take advantage of this great opportunity, please contact us and schedule a consult by the end of April 15th, 2017. Consult must be done by the end of April. Please contact Tim at for more information. ....

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  • Clients Hard Work

    How hard are you working? Are you eating the necessary nutrients to reach your fitness goals? Are you pushing yourself in the gym to get the results you want? Here at Oak Creek Fitness, we put in the hard work in the gym and outside the gym to get the desired results. The three links below demonstrate the hard work the clients are putting in here at OCF. Meghann and Kevin have lost over 70 pounds combined between the two and are making great strength gains! Todd is keeping his body strong and healthy at 50+ years young. Take a peek at how our clients are pushing themselves lately: Meghann
    Do not be afraid to stop in and talk with us on how you can lose the ....

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  • No April Fools Joke

    Complementary Week
    ------------------------------------------------------------ From now until April 15th, 2017 enjoy a complementary week on us with any personal training package purchase! Oak Creek Fitness 1902 W. Ryan Rd. Oak Creek, Wisconsin 53154 Book Consultation ( Get Results. Be Happy.
    ------------------------------------------------------------ Enjoy a better you before summer is here!
    ------------------------------------------------------------ How many times have you told yourself you were going to get in better shape, lose some weight, or eat better? Here at Oak Creek Fitness we want to stop the "going ....

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  • Path to Success

    We are into our third month of 2017 and most of the people that have made New Year's resolutions, have given up on them. Of the people that make resolutions, only 8% actually follow through with them and reach their goals. This is an alarming stat for people who want to change their bodies. This will turn into a vicious cycle for the rest of your life if you make a goal and continue to fail on it each year. There are a few things that will help you in reaching your goals and are listed below: Simple
    - Make sure your goal not too complex. If you have a more complex goal, that is fine, but make sure you have sub-goals off the larger one. Think of it as steps to get to the ....

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  • YouTube Channel Is Up And Running!!!

    We are officially starting our YouTube channel and we have posted a link to the channel below. We urge everyone to subscribe to the channel and get our weekly video updates. We will be posting exercise tips, nutrition tips, answering any frequently asked questions around the club, and some other fun fitness related information to help keep our members and client engaged. Get on board!!! ....

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  • It Takes 2 To Tango!!!

    Our PARTNER TRAINING Is Back!!! We just wanted to reach out and remind everyone that there is only 6 days left to enroll on our Partner Training Program!!! From now until January 31st we are offering a 2 for 1 deal on any of our personal training packages, here's how it works... Cut your cost in half by grabbing a friend, family member, or anyone that you can think of to join you in your health and fitness transformation. Call us, stop in, send us a Facebook message, or enter your information on our website BEFORE JANUARY 31st to get your spot. ....

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    What you ask for, you shall receive! After a long wait and a ton of inquiries from potential clients we are bringing back our PARTNER TRAINING Programs! Simply grab a friend, family member, or anyone that you can think of that can benefit from joining you in your health and fitness endeavors! What does this mean for you? It means you get to CUT YOUR COST IN HALF! For the entire month of January we will NOT be charging for anyone to add a partner to their Personal Training Program! This is only valid for new clients and we will be putting the PARTNER TRAINING away for another few months so make sure you call us, stop in, send us a Facebook message, or enter your information on our website ....

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  • What's NEW for 2017?

    After a long wait and a ton of work on our end here at Oak Creek Fitness we are in the final stages of putting the finishing touches on our very own Nutritional Counseling Mobile App! We are going to be launching this app January 1st and we could not be more excited to get this going and we hope you all are too. This app is going to change the game for all of our members, clients, and patients! Stay tuned over the course of the next few days to learn how to get started! ....

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  • We Will All Gain Unwanted Weight Unless...

    Some people are going to tell me that these posts are getting redundant. I would tell those people the annual blood sugar increase that we see in the United States around around this time every year gets redundant. Not to mention the inevitable health problems that stem from it. Every year we know its coming, but we do nothing about it. The numbers don't lie. Heart disease and diabetes are among the top 8 leading causes of death in the United States. In 2015 29.1 million Americans had diabetes, and 76% of those people will die from it. Every year 610,00 Americans die from heart disease. This is problem that grows every year. And the biggest issue, these are completely and utterly ....

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  • The Secret To Beating Holiday Weight Gain REVEALED!

    Ok everyone, this year is going to be different for all of us. This year we are going to approach the holidays differently. This year we are going to prevent the problem before it starts. We are not going to wait until the holidays take over and wait until we've put on "x" pounds and we feel like crap before we do something about it. Just think how much further you could be come Spring time if we start doing now what most of us start doing after the fact. We have seen it time and time again as fitness professionals. To be honest, writing this email is a poor business decision. Usually the end of the holidays means its time to make some money as a personal trainer, and most cash in on ....

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  • What To Do When You Have Tried Everything And NOTHING WORKS!!!

    Have you tried everything under the sun to lose weight or get fit? Have you tried the fad diets? The 21 day fixes? The exercise videos? And still can't seem to accomplish you set out to? Well it isn't your fault, this is human nature. And the odds are against us these days. With so much information out there on the internet and social media there is just no way to find yourself the information you need on the internet in a timely manner. The information you find will confuse you, tell you to be doing the wrong things, make you think the next great thing is right around the corner, or make you think something is physiologically wrong with you and scare you into going to the doctor's office ....

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  • Summer Is Here, Don't Get Left Behind!!!

    What is the most common theme this time of year for most people? Time to get in shape for the Summer. We spend all Winter long sitting inside staying warm and now the time has come to open the windows and enjoy the weather outside while it is here. And what better way to enjoy the Summer than to feel good about yourself, look as good as you feel about yourself, and to have as much energy and stamina as you ever have in your life? Exercise and Nutrition have been proven time and time again to not only be the best way to improve one's health and fitness but also the fastest. A study at the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2012 on a select number of student athletes and non-athletes showed ....

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  • What Options Do We Have?

    With all of the information there is out on the internet these days, where can we look to get the information we NEED and avoid the information we DON'T NEED? Well, we basically have two options. Option 1) Enroll yourself in a kinesiology program at a strong, well known university and spend upwards of $50,000 (often much much more) and earn a bachelor's or better in exercise science. Problem is, this is going to take you years and years and more money than I am sure you would like to spend. Option 2) Pay someone who has the previously mentioned credentials as well as a strong PT certification and background in nutrition to do all of the thinking for you. Not to mention save you ....

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  • Employment Opportunities

    Oak Creek Fitness is always accepting resumes for:Personal Trainers Yoga Instructors Zumba Instructors Strong Instructors Membership Sales Front Desk Help ______________Oak Creek Relief & Wellness is always accepting resumes for:Doctors of Chiropractic Front Desk Receptionist Licensed Chiropractic Technicians (CT) Licensed Chiropractic Radiology Technicians (CRT) Please send all resumes to ....

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    Spring is getting closer and closer and you don't want the warm weather to catch you when you aren't ready for it. Be ready for Spring this year and let us get you in the best shape of your life! We are so confident that we are the best in the business that if you do not look and feel better we will refund the entire cost of your program and purchase you a personal training program at the facility of your choice! ....

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  • It's A Journey, Not A Destination

    Too often in the fitness industry we hearpeople talking about weight loss, or any fitness goal for that matter, like there is a final destination in the future. This means that after putting all of the hard work into changing habits and working towards the goal that they had committed themselves to, they still had plans to go back to the way that they started in terms of their habits and hope to maintain what they had earned. My friends, this is just not how it works. Health and fitness is not a diet, it is not a quick fix, it is not a period of time. Health and fitness refers to changing your lifestyle to promote health and quality of life, and there is nothing temporary about those ....

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  • Stick To A Schedule

    Earlier this week I was having a talk with a prior client of mine who had worked their butt for 6 months while on their program with me. They had reached their goal and we felt they they were at a point where they had learned a lot about themselves, exercise, nutrition, and the type of lifestyle that healthy living entails. However as I was talking with them we got to the topic whether or not they had maintained their results. While they did not completely rebound, they had started to head back the other direction. After digging a little deeper we realized that the issue was not with the nutrition or food intake side of things, it was sticking to a regular workout regimen. It seemed ....

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  • Find A Training Partner NOW

    The holidays are approaching, and we all know what that can do to our eating and exercise habits. How many times have you yourself of heard about others who have chalked the year up as a loss and told themselves, "I'll just start off right in the new year." I have heard it all too many times and frankly, I thought it was time to try and do something about it. Here's what I mean.. I understand that the holidays also bring with them some increased spending which can tighten the budget and make it hard to invest in other things, including our health and fitness. So I decided to cut our personal training prices in half for the remainder of the year. But there is a catch, you need to find a ....

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  • Im Giving Up

    So. You've worked out for months and months now, maybe years, and you are still exactly where you were when you started. Or maybe you have made some progress but wish you would have seen more, or maybe you reached your goal but couldn't keep the weight off. And now you are thinking that it is time to quit and explore other options. I am here to tell you that you are thinking the wrong way about all of this. Why don't we shift our thinking and say to ourselves, "well, nothing worth having was ever easy or was every achieved without a little adversity. And now when I get there it is going to feel that much sweeter. We never give up, we never quit, we never get comfortable. We always try ....

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  • 3 Weeks To Build A Habit

    You may have heard the saying that it takes 3 weeks to build a habit and 3 weeks to break one down. That holds true for exercise and nutrition, and it is what we specialize in here at Oak Creek Fitness. We all have the ability to reach our health and fitness goals, sometimes we just need a little extra help or motivation to get the job done. That's why every single client that we work with here is successful in reaching their goals. We make sure that the first 3 weeks of every program that we design is so focused on implementing new health and fitness habits and making them part of our everyday lives. Without this piece to the puzzle exercise and eating properly would always be a chore ....

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  • What To Do When You Injure Yourself

    Injuries are something that can make it harder for us to get close to our health and fitness goals, and I am sure that all of us have dealt with an injury from sports or exercise at some point. So, what are some of the things that we can do when we are injured to stay on track and keep moving in the right direction. I learned very early on when I started making it a priority to get regular exercise that when we are injured we never quit and we never train through things, we train around things. This way we can stay in the gym and not have to really take any time off from exercise at all. Let's say you pull a muscle in your quad, most people would use that as an excuse to sit on the ....

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  • You CAN exercise on painful joints

    Research has shown that exercise can help reduce arthritis pain and improve range of motion, and it’s now considered an essential part of arthritis management. This is a far cry from days past, when people with arthritis were warned to not exercise to avoid further damage to joints. Doctors now know that, in addition to all its heart health benefits, regular exercise can:
    Reduce inflammation, stiffness, and joint pain
    Build muscle around joints, better supporting them and protecting them from shock and daily wear and tear
    Increase f lexibility
    Improve endurance You do need to take some special precautions to make sure that your exercise routine provides maximum benefit while reducing ....

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  • The Cost of Inactivity

    In the US today Diabetes and Heart Disease are among the leading causes of death. Heart Disease being the leading cause of death among Americans. The problem that I have with this is that more often than not Diabetes and Heart Disease are completely under our control and in most cases are self induced conditions due to our poor diet and lack of physical activity. Our government is stuck on giving people health insurance and medication to solve these problems when really all they need to do is give people free personal trainers and free nutritional counseling. A coach to help you learn the basics and get you going on a program is the key to changing lifestyle habits. You cannot cure ....

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  • Change Your Mind-Change Your Body

    Fad diets annoy the crap out of me because they are based on fake science and they completely mess with your mind. They make you skinny, for a while. Then they make you fat, then skinny, then fat again. It’s a deeply unhealthy pattern and the eternal dieter, forever carrying unwanted extra pounds, is the only loser – except they lose money instead of fat and get trapped in a vicious cycle of unhealthy thinking. Fad diets make you feel guilty, and ultimately like a failure. They are not realistic because they are unsustainable – after all it’s impossible to maintain a rigid practice that offers no enjoyment. They present you with a list of “haves” and “have nots” and remove ....

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  • Revealed-The Secrets To Achieving The Fitness and Weight Loss Results you Want

    The secret of making a simple commitment
    to your exercise program
    . The big companies who are stealing your money want you to believe that a pill, fad diet, or a special machine will solve all your weight loss and fitness problems. This is counter-intuitive and insults your common sense. But people still want to believe – because there’s so much PAIN. The real “secret” is quite simple and I’ll distill it for you right here: eat four to five small healthy meals per day and perform a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercise for 40 to 60 minutes three times a week. Take out your calendar right now and mark off three days each week for the next 12 weeks when you will commit ....

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  • How to Choose a Personal Trainer-A Guide to Making an Informed Decision so Results Come Quickly and Last Forever

    OK, you’ve decided it’s time to “get in shape”. Finally, you’re ready to look better and feel better the sensible way – through nutrition and exercise. Because time and experience has shown you the truth: Diets don’t work, ab gizmos don’t work, and infomercials are a joke. You're finally ready to get real and transform your body once and for all. You’ve heard the amazing success stories, watched many a late night episode of “Extreme Makeover”, read about the celebrities’ secret weight loss weapon… And have decided to seek out the guidance of a personal trainer
    . But not all personal trainers are created equal, so how do you find the right ....

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  • 5 Tips to Health and Fitness

    5 Tips to Health and Fitness

    Often times health and fitness gets complicated and confusing, when to be honest it can be made quite simple. Everything starts with clean food and exercise, we all know that. Outside of those two things the most ignored aspect to a healthy lifestyle that we see ignored is hydration. We must get enough water every day, everyone knows it and it is so easy to do but we hardly ever get it done. Getting enough sleep is also crucial, without enough sleep our bodies cannot recover from our daily lives. After that we need to focus on self happiness, that could me something different for every person. Follow these 5 guidelines and learn what they entail and you will get where you want to be. ....

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  • Never Stop Fighting

    Never Stop Fighting

    We all have the ability to do great things, we just need to have the mental strength to get it done... The mind is a powerful thing, make up your mind to get it done and never look back... ....

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